Wishful Thinking: A Cooking Master Boy Chinese Drama Adaptation

Well adaptations can't be all bad like Meteor Garden.  Now either TVB or ATV or any station can actually take this Japanese media set in China to become a drama.  Well maybe tweak things a bit or maybe even continue the plot dangler that happened during the Anime.  My thoughts are these... a fresh new cast especially to play Liu Mao Hsing the main protagonist though we can also have Andy Lau to play as General Lee.  However I hope this idea will reach any Hong Kong station to take the initiative to get the rights to this show and make it into a live drama.  Now then, I hope this can really begin something new with changes for the live version.  As far as I can say, maybe just limit the legendary utensils to three or add new original utensils into this possible adaptation.  Now then, new talents are needed for this idea to come to life.


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