Reviews to Do... Kim Tae Hee Related and More...

Kim Tae-hee in Forbidden Love, aka Fox with Nine Tails
Well I haven't done much reviews for Korean drama lately so I might do some rewatching.  These reviews might be IRIS (I'll probably rewatch it), Forbidden Love and Love Story in Harvard.  Pretty much, I was occupied with my top favorite Chinese dramas and Japanese dramas I forgot about Korean.  I hope this gets me back on track soon.  But I might do my review on Forbidden Love then I'll do some comparisons with it with other horror series for this October.

Well I've seen IRIS a year ago so I might have to rewatch it before I review it.  As far as I know, this was more eye candy material for me than it was action-related.

Other reviews for Korean drama which I have watched might include Iljimae (first season) and Spring Waltz. I'll probably need to rewatch them as well.  These were reviews taht were overlooked.


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