What Makes a Memorable Heisei Kamen Rider Season

I would admit that there are some Kamen Rider seasons that I enjoy but not all are memorable.  Here are some ways I think it can be memorable...

It's all about the plot.  Having some mysteries, things you can relate to real life and just the right pacing makes things enjoyable.  Kuuga and Agito are all about mysteries, stuff you can relate to real life and just the right pacing.  In fact, having some mysteries that don't contradict each other is essential.  When a Kamen Rider has ALL those annoying plotholes, it becomes really annoying.

Quality acting.  Yup that's another factor that makes Kamen Rider really memorable.  IMO Agito's acting is really that good then again, Kuuga has also acting that good.  For one, I would attribute that good acting managed to make Kuuga and Agito a success aside from the rather complex stories moving in just the right pace for fans to follow.

Memorable villains.  I would like to say sigh, most villains aren't so memorable anymore compared to the past.  For me, everything about the villains do matter.  The Grongi's mysterious motives and patterns are one of the many things enjoyable about Kuuga.  For Agito, it's all about the Lords and the mysteries that surround them.  Plus I'd LOVE to add the reality of nightmare fuel in this whole show.  Making them not too generic and unique makes a memorable Kamen Rider season.

Also if you're making evil riders, make them REALLY frustrate the hero so the hero comes out with a badass counterattack.  I think the concept of evil riders was better done during the Heisei era than it was in Kamen Rider Black, though we do owe Black the concept.  Evil riders when they really know how to mess up the hero makes the show memorable.

Allies that are more involved.  Yup, you need allies that are involved rather than just them being the frequent victim.  These allies show you don't need to Henshin to be a hero.  I thought Kuuga's experiment on its allies went rather well that it was brought to Agito.  When these allies are involved in every plot, it becomes a fantastic Tokusatsu drama.  These allies add to more drama when they are actually out there being of help aside from extra Riders the show has to offer.

Unusual plots that deviate from standard done in a dramatic way without slowing down plots.  Yup that's what I think makes Ryuki memorable to me.  The whole Rider War thing was pretty interesting thinking of all the drama that happens around the series especially among Kamen Riders.

If you are going for lighter and softer Kamen Rider, it's important to realize that forced humor can ruin things.  What made Fourze memorable to me was that while it deviated from standard horror and nightmare fuel, it really presented some funny stuff.  Also, having the allies more involved and some mysteries while not being dark still helps a lighter and softer show for the better.

Overall, everything matters to everything when you are writing a series.


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