My Favorite Song from Romance in the Rain: Farewell at the Railway Station

This is my favorite song in the whole Romance in the Rain series.  In fact, while I love the opening and ending song, this song really touched my heart the most.  It describes the patient love Yiping has for Shuhuan as the latter prepares to leave for battle with her half-brother Erhao (who is waited upon by Fang Yu).

While you were holding my hands tightly
And keep saying,  "Take care, Take care!"
While you were looking into my eyes deeply
And keep saying,  "Don't see me off, Don't see me off!"

When you walked onto the departing train platform
I finally could not stop myself from calling and calling
Seeing your train went away further and further
My heart was filled with scattered and confused feelings

Haven't even started to say those thousands of words
My tears were already overflowing, overflowing
From then on, I got attached to that train station
Countless times I was there, aimlessly staring
The farewell scene would always reappear
You kept waving till your hands almost seemed to come off, come off

When the train could bring you back again
I have been here anxiously waiting
Your whereabouts I don't care, don't care
Please take care of yourself for me. You must! You must!


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