Kamen Rider Hibiki: My Thoughts So Far

Kamen Rider Hibiki is a weird yet somehow appealing series.  Yeah, I love weird stuff, I'm pretty weird myself.  Now for some of my thoughts and I've reached the Inoue/Yonemura half.  Well for some of my thoughts on Hibiki while I'm now in episode 33:

The Man and Woman
The Makamou concept is pretty creepy and has some nightmare fuel.  I wish more Riders will have that.  In this case, this is pretty Japanese and I love all the huge monsters involved which the Riders have their creative way of defeating them.  For me the whole concept of music as a weapon is cool while some people find it weird.  Sometimes a teamwork of Hibiki and his fellow Riders happen in order to defeat more powerful Makamou.

During the second half, we have the infamous staff change.  From episodes 1-29 we are introduced to the pretty "musical-like" scenario and some kanji appearing onscreen.  Shigenori Takatera and writers Shinji Ooshi and Tyuyoshi Kida were fired.  In effect, Toshiki Inoue and Shoji Yonemura became the tandem writer and with Shinichiro Shirakura made some changes to Hibiki.  To B'Stard, he thinks Inoue brought conflict and character development which I agree.  In my case, I think Inoue's writing starts to bring conflict made the show more exciting which I am pretty much antagonized by some who don't like it.  But then, I'm still in a few distances so I will still finish watching this show before jumping into my final conclusion between the first half and the second half.


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