Too Much Unfair Hatred for Lu Ruping in Romance in the Rain

Well I'm talking about the Ruping portrayed by Ruby Lin and I see some comments on Youtube that tend to bash her too much.  Sure I find her dumb and everything but we fail to see her positive traits.  For one, I tend to get irritated with her stupidity or that she got manipulative because of her love for Shuhuan, but let's face these facts.  She's NOT entirely selfish as you'd like to portray her to be.  Beneath her flaws, Ruping is not selfish.  I mean, one has to consider that compared to her mother Xue Chin, she actually cared about even for her half-sister Yiping and her father's previous wife Wenpei.  I woudl like to credit that also, she does NOT force Shuhuan to love her.  You might also consider that despite the fact she stupidly called Wei Guangxiong so he can free her mother (who she still loved deeply), she still loves her mother.  You could consider also the fact that she wanted to end her life but she instead joined the battlefield as a nurse.  She didn't want to write immediately though... or you might consider the fact she actually later wished Shuhuan and Yiping to be together.  Yup, you have to consider the fact that she eventually realized the truth that Du Fei was for her.  Despite her flaws, I'd say I couldn't hate her even if I am seldom irritated by her stupidity.


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