Some Things I Like About Kamen Rider Faiz

While I'd say that Kamen Rider Faiz was a so-so season imo (I'd rather watch this over Decade), here's what's good about it for me:

The Smart Brain's plot to turn humans extinct and to promote the Orphnoch.  For me the Smart Brain where they despite the fact it turns around in circles, they are somewhat like Gorgom when it comes to giving viewers a scare with nightmare fuel.  In fact, I thought that they really truly represent the darker side of humanity to where Agito and Kuuga wasn't able to cover as much imo.  For me, I'd want to see this kind of plot done again in Kamen Rider while learning from the mistakes in Faiz to make it better.  Although I like Kamen Rider Kiva better than Kamen Rider Faiz, I'd admit these guys can rip off the Fangires.

The Renegade Orphnoch plot- Well we have Yuji, Yuka and Naoya who are proving that not all Orphnoch are bad in contrast to what Masato wants us to think.  I just thought that this side of the plan was one of the good parts of the show.

Takumi being an Orphnoch.  I thought it was an interesting twist for a so-so show for me.

Well here's some things Faiz has and I believe this concept can be used in future Kamen Riders and can be further improved just like how Black and Black RX as "rough drafts" managed to eventually create a new form of Kamen Rider.


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