Wishful Thinking: Who I Wished Were Dao Ming Feng in Meteor Garden

After watching some videos, I began to think of these facts...

There's no doubt Zhen Xiu Zhen is an awesome actress who knows how to appeal to our feelings.  She was mean when she was mean and in Angel's Wings her role as a good mother was also convincing.  No doubt she played as the abused daughter-in-law while she is yet to play the abusive mother-in-law or the woman Hitler.

After watching Yun Niang, I really thought Liu Xue Hua provided a more frightening atmosphere than Zhen Xiu Zhen with how much of a bitch her character was.  In fact, I thought Liu Xue Hua's evil laugh in Yun Niang was a really scary one and she knew how to fill the atmosphere with that kind of fear.  But then again, Zhen Xiu Zhen still did a very good role as the evil Kaede Doumyoji.  But just that Liu Xue Hua seemed to look more chilling in Yun Niang and had a scarier stare imo.


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