Wishful Thinking: Who Could Have Played Shu Huan for Romance in the Rain?

There was Leo Ku in the remake of the classic drama "Yan Yu Meng Meng" as "Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng".  Leo Ku played as Qin Han's character Shu Huan.  I thought that while Leo Ku was more or less of age for the role but my problem with Leo Ku was that he was just not as well expressive as Qin Han was.  He was just not adequate for me compared to Vicki Zhao.  I'd say he can act but he just lacks the it factor to play Qin Han's previously held role as Shu Huan.

My choice could have been a little bit clearer with Jerry Yan could have played a better and stronger Shu Huan.  I've actually thought that his acting is better than Leo Ku's.  In fact, he really COULD do the same quality of performance Qin Han was able to carry more emotion like he was acting as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden.  Not that I think Leo Ku is a bad actor, just inadequate for stronger emotions especially that of the character of Shu Huan.  In fact, while watching Meteor Garden then seeing Romance in the Rain, I really wish Jerry Yan played Qin Han's character of Shu Huan plus he has way more charisma than his lookalike Tetsuji Tamayama or two, he does share a similar appearance to senior actor Qin Han who I really wish hard would play as his father in any near future projects.  Yup, it could have been as if Qin Han got younger if he played the ro,le.


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