Why I Seldom Prefer Chinese Drama Over Tokusatsu

It's kinda reality but it's true.  Although I'm a Tokusatsu fan specifically my favorite overall is Super Sentai yet I got stuck into Chinese drama more than Tokusatsu.  I think it's no longer hard to explain especially I know myself in that area.  Also, I like Chinese drama more than J-Drama.  Don't worry I still like Tokusatsu but I'll present you one of my guilty pleasures in the form of Chinese drama.

So here are some reasons:

The ever emerging truth of Chinese influence has managed to influence much of Asian way of life. So it'd be nice for people to also get immersed in the modernized Chinese society.  Japan has already served much but now, even Japan copies much of Chinese influence.  Yup I got to admit over most crappy shows, they have REAL good script writing and their adaptation of Anime is not decayed at all most of the time compared to American adaptations.  Then again, why are they using the Toku hairstyle? 

I like having all the trendy drama and not too much action.  Okay there's trendy drama in Tokusatsu but I kinda like to see it between normal people too.  Also, I'm a big fan of love stories something not very existent in Tokusatsu.  Along with it I enjoy anything that deals with real life in a more continuous, novel-like way of story telling which is unique from Tokusatsu.  Every episode flows like water to the next.  Main characters also happen to have more character development too. 

And also, these dramas if they are in the action genre, feature more insane action.  The Chinese dramas are notorious for insane action that exceeds Dairanger's already well done choreography.  Try watching Wuxia dramas like Love of Condor Heroes, Return of Condor Heroes, Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Red Buddha Lady, Greatest in The World and Eight Kingdoms to see a whole lot intense action!  

Well for superficial reasons the hot chicks there are usually hotter than Sentai girls. :P


  1. Interesting. I've started searching out Korean media because I'm trying to learn Korean now and it's hard without much in the way of tokusatsu. I finished all of Armor Hero recently!


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