Just Started with Kamen Rider OOO

So here's an update from me which this time, I'll post some updates on things aside from writing reviews.

Just started watching Kamen Rider OOO.  So far, so good and I like the use of human desires themes.  For me, this show beats out Faiz in my opinion and might be even better than Kiva.  But yeah, Yasuko Kobayashi did have a bad job for me with Gobusters but still, she does have some great ideas but this is a taste of Naomi Takabe who Fantasy Leader dislikes.  I just had a thought that this series has its own comedic theme attached to it.  Hmmm why do the Greeeds look like the Lords?  Just made me think though while Kuuga and Agito are for me better plotwise but this one has its own disciplines.

We have Kosei Kougami... is it me or is this guy like one of Toei's favorite golden geese,Haim Saban?  Just a thought.  Maybe he is, maybe he isn't but I got to watch before I jump into my conclusion.


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