Can Toshiki Inoue Be Considered for Non-Tokusatsu J-Drama Writing?

I was thinking about Toshiki Inoue and his love for drama like it was evident in Jetman that there's been a lot of conflict, he brought conflict to Hibiki when he took over (but I NEED to watch Hibiki first so I can review it), wrote Faiz and then Kiva.  So far, I would say Faiz was his worst work for me due to it being overly depressing while he had the cartoony Kiva.  Made me think though that with his success in Agito, he could actually write non-Tokusatsu J-Drama himself.  Makes me think that while it's Inoue x finales can go from passable (Agito) to really bad (Faiz) to intensely silly (Kiva), he might actually pull off with J-Drama considering that J-Drama tends to have shock value at the end of it.  But I can say I think it would be a fair thing to give him a chance though maybe it might be better if his daughter (who is now emerging as a writer) wrote J-Drama.  I dunno but maybe Toshiki Inoue might do well in J-Drama though he really did burn out with Faiz from start to end while for Kiva, he does manage to become a hit it or miss it.  But overall, I'd like to see him also do J-Drama.


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