Planned Watching: Last Night of Madame Chin and Silence

I don't know if I should ever bother picking this up again considering that I had a hard time digesting this due to the overly melodramatic feel, crying buckets of tears per episode and it feels too much like a Qiong Yao drama.  So far, I had my feeling that Vic Chou was actually doing the Qin Han type of role here... and I might compare Fan Bing Bing to either Liu Xue Hua, Brigitte Lin or Joan Lin.  It just felt too much like my paternal grandmother's days of viewing those weepy drama with a lot of of melodramatic extended dialogues that Qin Han and any of his leading ladies would do.  I didn't really want to push through considering I found this more painful to my chest than the already tearjerking "Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng" (Romance in the Rain) to which the 1986 version had Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua and in the 2001 version he had Leo Ku and Vicki Zhao.

Personally I think I should rewatch Silence.  It's Vic Chou's first melodramatic series.  Maybe he could act in a remake of Deaf Mute Bride with Liu Yi Fei as the girl.

I don't know what people really liked about the weepy dramas that had Qin Han starring in them.  I just had thought of it that maybe Qin Han had already passed the torch to Vic Chou after all.  For Brigitte Lin or Liu Xue Hua, I hope they can help in finding the right girls to redo their past roles.


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