Wishful Thinking: Who I Wished Was Cast in Rurouni Kenshin Film Instead

I do like the Rurouni Kenshin film but I wished the following were cast instead:

Tori Matsuzaka as Kenshin- Reasons are too obvious because of the shout outs he had in Shinkenger.  Duh.  Well not only that, I think he's a better actor than Takeru Sato but he was probably too busy with other projects so he may have refused the part.  I thought he's even closer to Kenshin than Takeru Sato will ever be.

Rin Takanashi as Kaoru- Well I thought that Emi Takei was probably better off playing Misao or Megumi, but better Misao.  Now why I choose Rin Takanashi is that aside from her features that resemble Kaoru Kamiya (having those large eyes and long hair) in Rurouni Kenshin, he does carry on the bad cook gag rather well which I think I'd rather see Emi Takei throwing shurikens or cooking good food to please everyone.  That stare of hers during her bad cooking moment can really drive some degree of laughter for me.  Plus, she and Tori Matsuzaka do have some chemistry.  Then later, she can be bad girl Arisa in "Love for Beginners" after this role.  Once again, stomach pills everyone!

Hiroki Aiba as Sanosuke Segara- Well I thought that both characters are pretty rash, are loners and are best friends with the main character.  So why not get Hiroki Aiba of all people?

Mitsuru Karahashi as Jin'e- Well I thought it'd be fun to see him and Tori Matsuzaka duke it out beyond Super Sentai.  Ha ha.  Really.  I thought that as Juzo, he really had that menacing presence so why not let it be so in Rurouni Kenshin.


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