Planned Posts for Readers of This Blog

So this blog doesn't have enough posts yet but I will try these critiques soon:

Kamen Rider Faiz review- I would really say I'd say this is really where I'm pretty mixed at.  I will do a detailed review like I did with Agito and Kiva, two of Toshiki Inoue's other works.  Well, I'm now drafting the whole Faiz post as well as the comparison.  So far, I'd like to really think about Inoue's strengths and weaknesses in the second post.  And for everything else, I would share my thoughts on the series as a whole then the comparison of the three Riders by Inoue and where's the bad mix then?  Maybe I'll jump in and compare it to Jetman.  Overall, I thought about the first two reviews on Agito and Kiva, now it's time for Faiz.


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