Movie Review: Bug Me Not

Well it's time for another movie review.  After some de-stressing I have found out that I may want to review this fairly passable film.  So it stars Isabella Leong (please don't mistake her to be Rina Akiyama) as Moon who is supposedly some kind of "mutant" and there are "mutants" in this film.  Nope it's not like X-Men, these mutants here seem to live peacefully with the humans except some can find them weird.  For Moon, her character is somebody who can talk to insects while she suffers a drawback that she is color blind.  She has her love interest in Hyland who has some problem with body contact for some weird reason.  What I thought was that since this wasn't a serious film so I guess it's normal for her to have a crush on him.  For one, I thought that the CGI insects (one is her friend Coochie) makes this quite cartoony.

So here's the deal- Moon runs into a group of "mutants" who have various powers.  There's Smarty, Eggy, Baldy and two telekinetic twins.  Gillian Chung acts as Auntie who is actually 70 years old but for some reason hasn't aged.  For Eggy, it's pretty much he's a pevert with x-ray vision but with a drawback- every time he uses it, his nose hair grows a long size which did save some girls from being stalked.  Hee hee, it was pretty normal they were stalking at all the hot girls there.  I mean Moon is damn hot.  And in my own thoughts, the whole "league of mutants" here wasn't really persecuted just misunderstood.  Phew.  I thought of the plots to encounter, Hyland didn't really have much chemistry with Moon.  Moon also can be very stupid at times though I can overlook it because she has a good heart.

Moving on, the whole film itself has the topic of the greatest power in the human being- mutant or not was all about love.  In fact, after that incident (where Charlene Choi had a short performance) there was the incident that soon all the insects were disappearing.  It meant bad news because that means the ecology would fall down.  However after a pretty rushed plot, they were able to get back all the insects together thus restoring balance.  We are treated to a fairly average ending that shows the necessity of love and understanding.   Hmmm... overall I thought this film would impress Professor Charles Xavier of X-Men more than it will to me though I share his same ideas.

My rating?  7.8/10.  It could have used better writing.


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