Kamen Rider Decade's Popularity to Children

Well it's time for me to say something about Decade.  Okay I don't like the series but I thought about it why it was popular to children during its airing even if it really had some issues like messy plots and execution.  Here's my theoretical reasons:

1.) Nostalgia factor.  Decade had the nostalgic factor to where he entered into various Alternate Worlds featuring a different version of the Kamen Riders.  Children would realy like that and it contains some of their favorites like Kiva, Agito, Den-O and Kuuga to name a few.  In fact, it would actually be for them in my view a very great way to honor all their favorites during the Heisei era and some introduction to the Showa.

2.) The concept itself of Alternate Worlds is cool.  Okay I may find all this Alternate Reality worlds to be giving me a headache but little kids may be the type to get infatuated with it.  As a child, I did enjoy that concept though as I grew up, I kind of get "logic headaches" over overanalyzing Tokusatsu.  Hee hee.  For me, to think about it, the existence of Alternate Worlds and featuring different riders is could really captivate the child.

Hence I was thinking that this was huge toy commercial that may have triggered a huge sale in toys thus bringing in more money for Bandai and Toei.


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