Fangires Loving Humans... Some Segments on Them!

There were some instances of Fangires loving humans and some of them were quite focused.  Here they are:

Ryo Itoya is one though it's more of lust than love.  In 1986, he developed a crush on Yuri Aso and then in 2006, why does he shift the attention to the daughter?  Really I find this kind of plot development GROSS.  So far as concerned, I wonder why of all girls did he eventually fall for Megumi when I mean, there are a lot more hot girls he can stalk if the purpose was all but LUST?  For me, this attraction was funny and creepy, sometimes it just freaks me out.  I thought that Megumi kicking his balls was one of the best things to ever happen.  Miu the Queen of 2008 eventually killed him after his several episodes of just mindlessly wanting to have Megumi.

Shinji Takeuchi/Grizzly Fangire- One of those surviving Fangires loving humans storyline and quite touching.  For me, I really loved the drama that built up between him and his wife in 1986 and 2008.  So Shinji was nearly punished by Maya for his loving a Fangire.  The story was for me one of the best drama arcs in order to prevent Kiva from becoming a complete slapstick.  So he survived because Otoya saved him from Maya which leads to the tragic, ironic fate of Maya.

Maya- She was the Queen in 1986.  It was her duty to kill the Fangires for falling in love with humans buts he ended up falling in love with one.  Ironically, an idiotic human named Otoya of all people who was tasked to kill the Fangires (which I don't know why in 1986 they haven't killed even a SINGLE Fangire).  What was worse was that Maya was married to the King of 1986 who was her rightful husband (but it was a loveless marriage). The adulterous affair eventually sired Wataru who became the next Kiva. Her ostracized state eventually may have led to her losing one eye though that's just a theory suggested by That Chick, but still it's very possible.


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