Wishful Thinking: Jerry Yan Pairings I Could Think of for Qiongyao Drama

Seeing Jerry Yan's gotten the more mature image for drama, so I thought here's the following girls he could get paired with especially for Qiong Yao novels:

For a start, I thought if he gets paired with Liu Yi Fei, it might be a temporary "revival" of Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua in them having that chemistry and appearance.  Maybe Jerry Yan might be able to catch Qin Han's character's feel better than Vic Chou though the latter can still do.  My suggestion might be either they get paired for Seagull's Home, Courtyard or Across the Water.  Well it might be something if they did either drama which belonged to the original pair then we can have Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua promote them.

Esther Liu could be good.  Hmmm maybe reenact any of the Qin Han/Lin Feng Jiao or Qin Han/Brigitte Lin moments?  Maybe not.

Penny Lin- The other Lin.  I think she and Jerry Yan can redo any of the Qin Han/Lin Feng Jiao pairings.


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