The Strangest Revelation in Fourze: Tachibana is Virgo Zodiarts?

This is the cliche trope of "In order to deceive your enemies, you must deceive your friends first."  So I really thought of the purpose of Ryusei had as Meteor.  Also I'd dare say this plot is pretty much similar to the Shroud giving Ryu the power to Accel.  For one, I thought Virgo was a woman due to having a feminine voice and two, I even thought Tachibana was an android and it just got even more WTF in some way when I discovered all three were the same person.  So we know Emoto is both Tachibana and Virgo.  So we realize that he has to be such a good actor in his quest to finish off the Zodiarts.  What I thought was that Kengo was very forgiving even if Emoto killed the latter's father.  What was also surprising was that the "Dark Nebula" was nothing more than a place of sanctuary for those "banished "there as Ryusei and Tomoko return.

Ending was also pretty touching when they buried Emoto in the moon after he is killed by Sagittarius Zodiart.    RIP Emoto.


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