How Kamen Rider Agito Improved Kuuga's Bright Start for Kamen Rider?

So I'm done discussing about Kuuga's starting the revolution.  So I can't even call Agito perfect but it did manage to really help strengthen the revolution that Kuuga started via Toshiki Inoue who sadly later didn't write works as good as this one. =(  Moving on, what do I say really made Agito improve where Kuuga left of with some diamonds unearthed?  Kuuga started the bounty, Agito did the finishing job on the remaining diamonds.

I should star with the allies.  Arakawa began rubbing off the rough surfaces Black RX left behind leaving some shine but too bad, as said we can't really get anything 100%.  So Inoue managed to maintain the roles of allies while adding some varnish of deeper involvement that is backstory-wise finishing my estimate of 20% of the dullness of what Naruhisa Arakawa wasn't able to able to remove so he finished the job.  The best part has to be Mana's backstory and the Agito seed people getting woven, that is making Arakawa's ally involvement a little better than that.  But sad to say while Arakawa manages to improve with what he started, Inoue dwindled down.  Arakawa I believe has learned from mistakes he made in Kuuga, sadly Inoue didn't bother to check whatever mistakes he made in Jetman and Faiz before proceeding to write Faiz and the rather cartoony Kiva.

scroll over the text to see a changescroll over the text to see a change
Restoration of the secondary riders but a far greater flavor.  Okay I won't discredit the Showa days (that was before Kamen Rider had the J-Drama style) where Kamen Rider-2 in the first Kamen Rider was added or Riderman from Kamen Rider V3.  In the case of Agito, this series managed to create more unique twists.  G3 was actually a Kamen Rider created by the law enforcement while Ryo is an estranged one.  This may be "Taking Kamen Rider 2 and Riderman to a whole new level with new twists."  In my case, I considered Gills to have some loose inspiration from Amazon in terms of fighting styles.  In the case of Ryuki, it did take the concept WAY TOO FAR with the Rider War.

Improving the mystery concept of Kuuga but not at a big leap.  So Kuuga started it fresh, Agito was a preservative of sorts.  So pretty much Agito really knew how to promote Kuuga's mold but sadly, it's been badly ignored in later seasons of Kamen Rider.


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