Current Thoughts on Faiz for April 24, 2013

It's a hard to admit thing but Faiz is really one of the those quite harder to digest shows for me though it's not as bad as Decade.  SO far I am enduring it up to episode 27 and I still think there's still some cool drama though it's not as exciting as Agito was and I still like the rainbow world of Kiva better.  So compared to Agito and Kiva, it's darker.  This is where I think Toshiki Inoue as a head writer needed to brace impact.  I would admit I am already getting used to Keitaro and Mari, though I think I'll have to try and endure Delta when he arrives.

Yuka's sort of a "laxative" to the show for me which is giving me "mental indigestion".  Heck, but I guess this one and I have pictures of her in my Oriental Fanatics Celebrities blog.  But as said, I really just thought I am stuck in superficiality as a way to digest this show.

For the Orphonoch, why are they all gray like stone?  I just looked at the Orphonochs so this is a battle of humans trying to evolve themselves, destroy the lower beings but I thought that the execution can be bad with all the running in circles around.  But I'll give credit for their nightmare fuel.  Is there some strange symbolism behind them?  I hope I can finish this ASAP to find out while I do the more important things than writing a Faiz critique soon.


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