Vic Chou and Possible Remakes of Qiong Yao

Vic Zhou could actually do possible remakes for Qiong Yao novels as the newer Qin Han, so here are his possible pairings for me:

Him and Ady An could play good in the Qiong Yao drama "Yang Shuo Chong Lou" with either Linda Liu or Liu Xue Hua as Meng Han's abusive mother-in-law (strangely, Liu Xue Hua was cast as Meng Han before!) ever since I was impressed with her role in Yun Niang.  Hmmm... I wonder who should play as Vic Zhou's brother who dies and he falls for Meng Han?  

With Liu Yi Fei, my suggested casting with her would be Courtyard or Seagull's Home.  For Seagull's Home, Liu Yi Fei will be playing two characters- the first love of the leading guy and the twin sister who has been gone missing and develops a romance with the main character.  

With Esther Liu, I could work it out with Flower Falls Flower Blooms or Years Flowing Like Water.  Esther Liu playing the piano and singing various songs while she cries, she could play as Vic Chou's wife.


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