Some Backtrack Watching Plan... for Drama Series!

It's been some time since Vicki Zhao got married but I can't really forget her contributions to TV drama and movies.  For a little planning... hopefully this blog will get more fertilizer to grow:

Vicki Zhao's Huan Zhu Ge Ge.  I definitely want to see some imperial drama.

Kamen Rider Hibiki.  The Fantasy Leader recommends this a lot.  So I should probably give it a watch after Fourze.

If I should really backtrack a lot, I might watch some Qiong Yao dramas of the past namely with Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua since the two really continued to play very important roles as parents these days.  The story of "Seagull's Home" or "Courtyard".  "Seagull's Home" features the first character dying and the leading guy falls for the missing twin sister while "Courtyard" is pretty much a "kabit-serye" because Ha Ye must fight for her rights as the legal wife against the bitchy mistress.

Or the rather long Ti Amo Chocolate with Vanness Wu.  80 episodes?  Isn't that too long?  But if done right, it can be very good though this may be strictly either for chocolate lovers like me.  But it's damn long, my aging mom's probably going to ditch it off as well.  But I really find this like as if it's a "What if Kazunori Inaba and Sayuri Uchida had a show together?" type of scenario.  If this isn't the drama that makes you cry buckets of tears, I could care less.


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