Maybe Naruhisa Arakawa Should Consider Writing J-Drama and Continue with Kamen Rider as Well

Well Naruhisa Arakawa did a good job with Kuuga though not exactly much of my personal preference he has really revolutionized Tokusatsu by taking twist and turns.  For Kuuga, he started with a darker and edgier season but as time passed he has managed to create lighter and softer seasons like Abaranger, Dekaranger and Gokaiger in Super Sentai as well as he is a very disciplined writer on top of that.  So pretty much, I think he could be a good J-Drama writer as well and two, I think he should be the head writer of another Kamen Rider series because I believe he can do much better than what he started out as a "prototype" now has revolutionized Kamen Rider even if he sadly didn't do more head writer work.  But still, I think he can do a good job especially with how he writes drama elements in a very disciplined way which made us look past his earlier mistakes while doing some Jetman episodes.  For starters, maybe Arakawa could do fantasy-based drama that's outside the realm of Heisei era Kamen Rider. =)


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