Kaede Doumyoji's Portrayals in Live Media

Ah Kaede Doumyoji that mean witch.  But I'd probably give credit to the actresses who played her and here they are:

Zhen Xiu Zhen's portrayal of Doumyoji Kaede (renamed Dao Ming Feng) is the best.  I'd say she's one incredibly awesome actress.  In her past roles, she usually plays the daughter-in-law who's bullied by the awful mother-in-law, now she plays the evil matriarch that has the potential to bully her own daughter-in-law.  I'd say she's the best portrayal because one, she really LOOKS like the Manga character and she can make the evil character come to life.  Really, if she were my mother (the actress) I would definitely say to her, "Good job mom.  For those scenes you really made me scared!"  See the similarities appearance-wise too?  She does make the Anime character look too pale and I would LOVE to make her another villain again though lately, she's back to playing mostly good mothers and the actress herself is a great person to be with, open and speaks her mind up.  My rating for her acting here is 8.5/10- really gets you scared and when it's over, the actress manages to make you forget she isn't a bit like that!

Kaga Mariko is a good actress but I wish she could have made her character appear more evil.  Oh well, she doesn't have Zhen Xiu Zhen's appeal or something, wished Soga Machiko did the acting but she was probably too sick by then.  But still, Kaga Mariko shows herself to be one awesome actress though I don't think she's as good as Zhen Xiu Zhen who's a big time drama actress.  My rating for her is an 7/10 for still being scary though not really intimidating.

Lee Hye Hyong for me pales in comparison to Zhen Xiu Zhen.  I really didn't like her portrayal as a villain in Boys Over Flowers.  My rating for her?  6/10.  Doesn't scare me at all!


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