Handling of Racism in Kuuga and Kiva

Racism seems to be the most frequent motive of aliens to invade our world in the world of fiction.  Now I'm going to an analysis of the Grongis and the Fangires on how each author handled their racist villains.

The Grongi in Kamen Rider Kuuga executed their racist ways by making games out of humans.  For them, human beings are nothing more than prey for their sick game, I don't know if they even eat people behind our backs.  So there's the game of killing humans depending on the rules like a Grongi can choose to kill pregnant women by eating their unborn or killing old people by throwing them down a cliff, it's pretty disturbing if you ask me.

In the case of the Fangires, most of the antagonists have been shown to think they are far superior than other races and two, they view every other race as just source of life energy for them which Taiga stated about humans later in the series.  Despite the fact Kiva is very cartoony, the racism of the Fangires is one intense issue.  The Fangires have destroyed some civilizations like the Werewolves, Mermen and Fraken race as "inferiors" and they aim to destroy the human civilization next.  However some Fangires have fallen for humans and have been given judgment with "night has come".  The irony was that Maya the Queen in 1986 who punished Fangires who fell for humans, fell for a human known as Otoya and she was ostracized by her estranged husband for her adulterous affair with a human being.  Strangely Taiga did't reject Wataru for being only half-Fangire.


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