Will This Be Our New Qiong Yao Couple?

I had noticed that it's as if Qin Han had passed the torch to Vic Zhou and Liu Xue Hua had passed the torch to Ady An.  Just my thoughts- would Vic Zhou ended up working with Ady An next? Ady An had already played her part on Yun Niang as the abused daughter-in-law, Vic Zhou had already shown some very good performance in Silence and lately Home.  So yeah, pretty much looks like it wouldn't be surprising if Vic Zhou will also get paired with Ady An in a remake of any Qiong Yao novel.  I just could imagine a bit of a remake of any of Qiong Yao's novels that were acted out by Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua or any of Qin Han's scripts where he was paired with Brigitte Lin or Joan Lin.  For a few comebacks...

I pretty thought it would be nice for Qin Han to act as Vic Zhou's father as a symbolic "passing the torch".

Liu Xue Hua could probably act as either Vic Zhou's mother or Ady An's mother after being the cruel mother-in-law.


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