Why I've Given the Heisei Riders a Chance

There was really a time when I left Tokusatsu not liking the facelifts of the industry, or just afraid to move forward while I respected its fans while having self-biases without implementing my biases on other people.  So just a thought- I was soon getting more into Chinese dramas especially those that involve a lot of swordsplay then I got into J-Drama.  During that time, I was slowly accepting the turn Super Sentai had then like in Dekaranger or Boukenger, but mostly on Dekaranger.  So I thought I was just being damn unfair with not giving the Heisei riders a second chance.  Then I watched Kamen Rider Den-O (review coming soon!) and say, "Hey this ain't bad." although I don't consider Den-O to be anything spectacular.  At first, I had a hard time adjusting with how it's written (like it takes at least two episodes before the monster of the week is beaten in most episodes!) or every ending ends like a J-Drama.  Then I said, "So I can adjust to it." because as I'll say, I'm a huge J-Drama and C-Drama fan. The way each ending seems to dangle to the next until it ends captivated me.  So I would say my Grand Professor Biasing over the Heisei era had to go and I pretty much felt much younger even if I'm almost 30.  So I'll probably finish through the drama of Ryuki and I'd say that the Heisei riders have given me more drama to watch too.  And I'd say it's thanks to Den-O and Kuuga that I've opened up to the newer era of Kamen Rider.


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