Why I Think Emi Takei Not Rin Takanashi Suits the Role of Leading Lady in "Love for Beginners"

With the idea that Rin Takanashi and Emi Takei were in one movie with Tori Matsuzaka namely "Love for Beginners"... just a thought why I think Emi Takei was more suited.

I just had my thoughts that both girls are pretty in their own way.  However Rin Takanashi looks more like the antagonistic beauty like Poison Ivy is in Batman while Emi Takei has the "childlike innocent look" for me. I would say Rin Takanashi could play as a pretty geek (without emphasizing the appearance) while the main lead sort of required the "unpopular school girl" image thus Emi Takei is qualified to play the role while Rin Takanashi after showing her acting ability to play a bad person in Kamen Rider W: Eternal, so why not let her play a regular villain?


  1. yeah Rin dosnt suit the role of Tsubaki but Emi dosnt suit from pigtailss , also the character is alot younger then Kyota she defo suits


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