Toshiki Inoue's Parody Works in Kamen Rider Kiva

Here's what I think are Kamen Rider Kiva's parodies by Toshiki Inoue.  For some reason no matter how messy this show is, I have a very soft spot for this season since I basically feel it's a very strong J-Drama x Toku combination with lots of funny stuff for me to chuckle on but not as strong as Kamen Rider Agito though.  Now moving on...

The Wataru vs. Taiga is where two childhood friends (and also maternal half-brothers) have their fight like both Black and Shadow Moon.  Both compete to be the next king in some way while having a love triangle for Mio, typically history repeating itself like their fathers.  However I think that there was more personality in the Wataru vs. Taiga rivalry because Taiga was willingly evil, Shadow Moon was just brainwashed and crazy.

Nago Keisuki
Nago was pretty much a jerk with a sense of justice though some fans think he's unlikable.  I was just fine with him even with that stuck up attitude (which I disliked him for some time) of his, eventually we do see he's got some positive sides I could admire even if he's pretty much a jerk.  Although I'd say Gai Yuki is still nicer than this guy.  Was he intended by Inoue to be a parody of Gai Yuki?

Rook like Radiguet from Chojin Sentai Jetman suffered from amnesia but at different reasons.  Though in the case of Rook, it was revealed when he was temporarily defeated by Yuri Aso in 1982 while for Radiguet, it was because he was banished by his empress whom he later murdered in cold blood.  Rook's amnesia was basically a parody of Radiguet's it couldn't even be taken seriously.  Radiguet if he saw this will say, "WTF?" and goes to Inoue's office to get his revenge.

And finally, the finale wedding of Nago and Megumi which I think is so funny.  Well Ryu and Kaori was better written than this mess of a finale.  I guess Inoue wasn't mindful of it anyway since it seems that he wanted to make Kiva a lighter series than Faiz where I think he really screwed up so badly.

Any more to add?  Just add! =)


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