Planned Reviews for This Month

Well while I'm watching Kamen Rider W, I might do a review on these stuff:

Movies I've seen:

1.) The Huadu Chronicles- DONE reviewing
2.) So Close
3.) Magic Kitchen
4.) Star Runner
5.) Sky of Love
6.) Drunken Master 2
7.) Rob B Hood
8.) Curse of the Golden Flower

TV Drama:

1.) Kamen Rider W (as soon as I'm done with it, liking its police drama so far)
2.) Return of Condor Heroes (2006 version)
3.) Red Buddha Lady starring Shu Qi and Wallace Huo
4.) Chinese Paladin starring Liu Yi Fei
5.) Next Stop Happiness (I cried a lot with this one!)- DONE

Planned watching:

1.) Tea Fight (starring Vic Zhou and Erika Toda)
2.) Love You Ten Thousand Years
3.) Kamen Rider Ryuki (provided no Wuxia series blocks my way!)
4.) Miracle Workers (starring Liu Xue Hua as the wicked bitch of a queen mother)


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