My Favorite Strong Willed Cinderellas in Oriental TV Drama

Here's the Cinderellas that beat out the stereotypical Cinderellas of Pinoy Drama namely...

Barbie Xu's role as Shan Tsai/Tsukushi Makino- Compared to her crazy parents who have the Cinderella mentality, she actually has a MUCH different approach.  She works for her own money, doesn't go after rich men and will love a rich man not for his money.
Mao Inoue's role as Tsukushi Makino- Maybe not as tough as Barbie Xu's version but she still counts.  

Ady An's role as Mu Cheng- Okay I can't stand her white lying part but the difference is that, despite her extreme poverty she doesn't dream of flying to America to get a good husband but rather, get out of the poverty herself.  She's independent minded so even without the ideal husband, she knows how to fight for her income.

Vicki Zhao's role as Lu Yi Ping- Yup she's got a strong role.  The fact she stood against her brutal father and her wicked stepmother makes her a strong-willed Cinderella.  In fact, she wasn't relying too much on prince charming either.

Han Hyo Joo's role as Eun Sung- While she does have her wicked stepmother problems, she just doesn't wait until Prince Charming comes (who really comes in the most unexpected way in the person of Hwan who's really that unbearable at first but he later reveals the nicer side of him), she does whatever she can to survive and not just suffer in silence to her stepmother waiting for her Prince Charming.


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