Liu Xue Hua's Various Roles in TV Drama Through the Years

Liu Xue Hua is one of those classical actresses we can't forget.  So far here's her roles that she has played as one of the most outstanding actresses...

In the younger years, she played the leading lady where she was usually paired with either Qin Han or Kenny Bee.  She also played the part of the abused daughter-in-law, the cheated wife or the poor lady who gets mistreated by the rich boyfriend's mother for being poor.  Her contemporaries would be today are Barbie Xu, Ady An (who apparently bears her torch now, the torch was somewhat passed in Yun Niang), Esther Liu and Liu Yi Fei.

In her later years, she would play the important mother figures like the mother of the leading man/lady.

She had also portrayed antagonistic roles such as a wicked mother-in-law, a controlling mother or even a selfish witch in Miracle Healers which I can say, all very well portrayed she might as well play Miss Minchin's part in a Chinese adaptation of "A Little Princess".  She was also a bad mother in "Emerald on the Roof", that is as Sun Li's mother.  Any more witch roles for her?  She's done them quite well.


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