Kamen Rider Kiva's Plotholes

Apparently here are some plotholes I think were overseen by Inoue though they aren't as annoying as Faiz.  These are...

Kurenai Wataru
Wataru's "allergy to the world" and how it suddenly disappeared.

Nomura Shizuka
It is never explained how Shizuka became the "mother" of Wataru.

Aso Megumi
Another is between mother and daughter.  In the case of Yuri Aso, we never knew how she died whether it was a Fangire incident, natural death or whatever and also, who in the world is Megumi's father?

So Maya wears an eyepatch in 2008- what was the reason behind that?

These are plotholes I think need to be addressed no matter how I like this goofy show.


  1. Wataru doesn't really have an allergy to the world. It's in his mind: he's afraid of it. Shizuka probably met Wataru and decided to mother him. Yuri died one way or another, but I don't think it's a plothole how she died. Maya's eyepatch probably came from another Fangire attacking her. She was ostracized, remember? I wouldn't call these plotholes.

    1. Hmmm so I guess some things are purposely left out leaving us the viewers to decide events huh? Maybe because as an oriental drama watcher, I do believe that. My only theory behind Yuri's death is that she might have died from stress but that's just eye. Thanks for dropping by to give your thoughts.


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