Wishful Thinking: Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua "Young Again"

So I had my thoughts on after I had my wish for Qin Han and Jerry Yan to play father and son as well as Liu Xue Hua and Liu Yi Fei to play mother and daughter due to certain resemblances, I think the two can be a couple on-screen- Jerry Yan x Liu Yi Fei.  Jerry Yan barely looks 35 (just like the age of Qin Han when he was paired with Liu Xue Hua but he looked SO YOUNG for Yan Yu Meng Meng, Leo Ku was a WAY better choice to play his character in the remake) and Liu Yi Fei, well she's 25 a ten years difference can't hurt wouldn't it between them.  Not as if he's old enough to be her father unlike in my drama idea where a man dates a woman old enough to be his mother.  So what's my idea for them?  Either a Qiong Yao remake of my wishes would be Seagull's Home or Courtyard.

Well I think the two will have the chemistry like Qin Han and Liu Xue Hua did...


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