What Could Have Been... The Jerry x Barbie Pairing in the Past....

I was watching Meteor Garden 1 and 2 and even if they do have their own lives, Jerry Yan x Barbie Xu on screen pairing did have that chemistry I thought could have been utilized for far more different scripts.  I was even thinking while watching some classic Qiong Yao novels... I tend to compare the pairing to...

Qin Han (Sun Xiang Zhong) and Liu Xue Hua back in the 80s.  I just had my thoughts Jerry Yan kind of looks like Qin Han in some way... the chemistry was there.  I mean the Jerry x Barbie pairing could have been used for any Qiong Yao remakes like Courtyard or Seagull's Home. Sadly the chemistry wasn't fully utilized but oh well... Barbie Xu's now retired from acting, happily married and for Jerry Yan, hope he finds true love soon. =)  Hmmm if a remake of Flower Falls, Flower Blooms will be done, maybe a Jerry Yan x Esther Liu or Liu Yi Fei pairing can be possible too.  Too bad Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu didn't do beyond Meteor Garden like a remake of Seagull's Home would have been good...


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