Thoughts on Rurouni Kenshin

As a fan of Rurouni Kenshin (but not really) I had some small expectations from this film such as Tori Matsuzaka as Kenshin, Hiroki Aiba as Sanosuke, Emi Takei as Kaoru and well maybe Mitsuru Karahashi as Jin'e who could be Juzo's inspiration in Shinkenger but alas none.  But however there's LOTS of good stuff like even if I'm not very familiar with the rest of the cast but they did good.  And maybe I should talk about the portrayal of the main characters...

Takeru Sato as Kenshin.  Last time I knew, he was acting as Kamen Rider Den-O which is a radical departure here.  So it's kinda pun intended that the actor's name is Takeru and Takeru is also the name of Shinken Red.  Moving on, his acting is really quite good.  He could really display Kenshin's emotions.  I may not like him as much as Tori Matsuzaka but his acting DOES compensate for that overly trivial disappointment I had.  And for Emi Takei, she may still be struggling but I'm glad she is able to do her part well.  For the rest, I'd say they still managed to act out their characters pretty well though I just want to focus on Takeru Sato's acting which really made me think he's improving.

Overall, it's a pretty great movie even if it doesn't really follow too much with the Manga or Anime, but still it's good overall.  After all, adaptations tend to deviate like how my favorite soap operas based on Anime deviate from the original source to differentiate itself from canon.  So yeah, I do hope this will spawn a spin off but hopefully they'll get Tori Matsuzaka to be Kenshin for pun intended purposes.

So I'll do a detailed review soon.


  1. hi a loyal fan of Rin Takanashi I think you need to correct an important fact..she did not play the part of Kaoru rather Kaoru was played by Emi Takei..I think you got confused..

    1. Thanks for adding the correction. Yeah typographical error. ^_^


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