In TV Drama, These Eyes That Talked- Liu Xue Hua and Vicki Zhao!

I was thinking of the time I would compare Liu Xue Hua's performance as Lu Yi Ping.  So a closer look, I had my thought that while Liu Xue Hua had communicated to us her feelings and everything, Vicki Zhao was able to render her rendition of Lu Yi Ping with even bigger eyes that talked.  So just a thought of Yan Yu Meng Meng and the remake Qing Shen Shen Yun Meng Meng- Vicki Zhao managed to carry the portrayal of Liu Xue Hua's type of suffering character rather well, pretty much a performance.  Looks like these two ladies deserve a 9.5/10 for their acting.  They have good chemistry regardless who they were paired with, Liu Xue Hua with Qin Han and Vicki Zhao with Leo Ku.

Liu Xue Hua despite an aging actress, shows how flexible she is with her roles as she plays both protagonistic and antagonistic roles.  In due fairness, I had wished that she played as Jerry Yan's mother in Meteor Garden!  While she has played a couple of good mother roles, she's also played some really bitchy roles SO WELL you will hate every character she plays!  She had played the antagonist in Miracles of Heaven as the wicked Empress who seeks to become immortal, in Yun Niang as the wicked clan matriarch, in Ru Yi as the scheming clan matriarch who is unaware that her supposed daughter-in-law was the very daughter she disowned for her adopted son (she got better though!) and as the controlling mother Liang Rui in Emerald on the Roof fromw hat I know.  In Girls Marching On, she's the happy-go-lucky clan matriarch.  As a wicked mother-in-law, it's pretty much the reverse of her role as the abused daughter-in-law!


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