In Drama Writing, Darker Isn't Always Better, Lighter Isn't Always Lesser...

I was reading through Fantasy Leader's blog Valsag Fantasy to discover his gem of knowledge that lighter isn't always lesser, darker isn't always better.  So I would like to use this in reviews of TV Drama, Tokusatsu, etc. but I am writing it here and here are my thoughts...

Example #1- Meteor Garden I vs. Meteor Garden II

I remembered seeing both Meteor Garden I and II.  The first season was lighter and softer, the second season was really darker and edgier.  While Meteor Garden I had a moderate pacing, it pretty much was enjoyable (except for the arrival of Dao Ming Feng who sadly didn't have as much screen time as her Manga counterpart Doumyoji Kaede).  However when Meteor Garden II arrived, the pacing was SO SLOW, everything was SO GLOOMY, you're being kept to a thrill... and of course too many heartbreaks in one season.  Maybe I should mention there's a lot of USELESS scenes in Meteor Garden II like Papa and Mama get too much screen time, Yesha and Lei who are really turning around circles.  So I thought that with Meteor Garden II being VERY BORING for me, good thing a third season wasn't produced.  So at least Zhen Xiu Zhen can take other roles.

Example #2- Kamen Rider Faiz vs. Kamen Rider Kuuga

These are both Inoue's lesser pieces.  Faiz was certainly his darkest work to date while Kiva was most likely his lightest.  What's the point?  Faiz as dark as it is, I eventually lost interest with it (but I will most likely rewatch it from start to finish so I can REVIEW on it...) and there was plothole after plothole that spins everything in circles plus for me, too many tears.  In short, Faiz was entirely a mess to where Inoue lost his touch that he had with Agito and Jetman.  In the case of Kiva, it may be a lighter and softer novel, it may have a lot of comedy and Inoue was basically parodying himself but it had a LOT lesser plotholes (despite the fact we'll never know who Megumi's father is or how Yuri died in 1982).  In terms of quality of writing, Kiva despite being a lighter season and Inoue's washing down himself, it still for me is FAR better than the mess that is Faiz.


One has to realize that comedy can be made golden with a series like "Love at First Fight" while it can be made horrid with a series like "Yamada Taro (Poor Prince)".  Dark series can be good if they are executed well like "Kamen Rider Agito" as well as the Chinese series "Black and White".  It all depends on how it is carried out.


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