A Wonderful Life is Apparently A Remake of Sorts to Brilliant Legacy

Looking at this trailer, it's actually a remake of Brilliant Legacy.  Seriously, only if Jerry Yan could star in Chiung Yao remakes as well, aside from remakes of Korean films.  I do have a problem with remakes sometimes but they're not fakes if they had licenses like Power Rangers is a licensed adaptation of Super Sentai.  So moving on- I think it's way more fitting for Lee Seung Gi to play the role of the spoiled grandson than Jerry Yan, age wise compared to Jerry Yan who is 36 years old already.  Hmmm... but Jerry Yan seems to be the Chin Han of this generation that is looking younger than how he is or being a drama heartthrob in some way.  So I just thought the scenes in here look more funny than those in Brilliant Legacy and there are some major changes like Jerry Yan's character may be a jerk but he may be less violent than to that of Lee Seung Gi's.  But seriously, Jerry Yan should get roles that fit his actual age.


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