Three Great F4 Series This Year...

I just thought despite the fact F4 looks like it has disbanded, I still like them.  So far, here's their three individual series to watch this year...

Vanness Wu x Joan Tseng in the TV drama "Ti Amo" which is about chocolates.  Okay there's kind of the Coffee Prince theme to it but it looks pretty cute and interesting, especially Joan Tzeng is kind of cute even if I don't find her on the hot side.  I just thought this is a what if you paired Ryosuke Kaizo (Red Mask) with Sayuri Uchida (Blue Swallow) and these guys ended up doing it.

Vic Zhou in "Home".  It's pretty much one of the more serious sides of him after "Black and White", "Wish to See You Again" and "The Last Night of Madame Chin".  I feel like this is one of those Chiung Yao like shows and he's playing the roles similar to Sun Xiao Zhong (Chin Han of Taiwan).  I pretty wished that Chin Han would appear here as his father or something.  I really like his image here as a wartime doctor.  Apparently this is one of the weepy dramas.

And for Jerry Yan's return after a hiatus, it's "A Wonderful Life" but I've grown neutral about him. But it looks like it's still worth it.  


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