My Thoughts on Mei Zuo and Xiao Qiao's Pairing in Meteor Garden II

Well I did feel pretty mixed about Pace Wu's arrival.  I'll admit Pace Wu's acting is really below par and it looks like she's just a pretty face compared to Esther Liu (who she later worked with in "The Concerto") but at least she didn't overact or piss me of.  Now where was I?  Ah yes the chemistry of Mei Zuo and Xiao Qiao.  At first it felt just "pretty random" because Mei Zuo's mom wanted to matchmake them out of "prestige issues" which I felt while he looked "lucky" to us to have such a gorgeous fiance, he was feeling out of pace with himself because it was just parents' wishes.  However what I find pretty funny is that Xiao Qiao had a real longtime crush on him after all.  Hee hee- talk about getting your childhood wish granted.  Other than that, I thought this was pretty forced because Winnie Qian left the set (thus forcing the writers to break up Lei and Qing) and create another couple.  As for me though, Pace Wu really got me though and I loved how it ended, though I was still more focused on who Shan Tsai will end up in the end of Metaor Garden II.


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