Zhen Xiu Zhen as a Good Mother

Well it's only natural that the actresss Zhen Xiu Zhen who plays protagonistic roles when she was younger, later played the live adaptation of Doumyoji Kaede/Dao Ming Feng the antagonist of Meteor Garden, she would play a good mother in Angel's Wings.  To be honest, I would probably cry for her character here as much as I hated her character in Meteor Garden for being a bitch.  Quite a huge contrast.  Seriously though, I wish she played as Yun Niang's mother-in-law in Yun Niang but Liu Xue Hua (who can be confused as her) did a good job as well.  I would like to watch this drama and see how she does her part as an abused daughter-in-law.  Maybe she did take the part of an abused daughter-in-law after all.


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