Vic Zhou Doing Sun Xiang Zhong's Type of Roles

I'm not a bit surprised about Vic Zhou being cast into the rather intense story of "Last Night of Madame Chin", which I think could be a remake of old Chinese dramas my late grandma watched when I was little. With the setting being in 1930s British China, the more I feel like Vic Zhou has "Chin Han" roles.  The Taiwanese actor "Chin Han" or Sun Xiao Zhong.

The new image of Vic Zhou as a drama star you can take seriously. I can see him able to do Chin Han's parts in a different way.

Flashing as a 1930s gentleman, it kind of reminds me of Chin Han in older films and series.

I honestly think Vic Zhou is really able to be "Chin Han" in this role with Fan Bing Bing. I can see the old Chin Han and Liu Xue Hua scripts again in these scenes.

The dance scene is kind of really old but classic. Chin Han was famous for ballroom too.

Why do I imagine I'm watching "Courtyard" when I see this "wedding scene" he has with Fan Bing Bing?

This picture again reminds me of another of Chin Han's old series.

And with this one, a gun shoot scene is really something.


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