Dolphin Bay Rivalry

I remembered Dolphin Bay's rivalry between Ambrose Xu and Wallace Huo. To be plain honest, I find myself as the losing party over the winning one. Hard to admit it but I have a friend that sort of looks like Ambrose Xu but weirdly has Vanness Wu's complexion.

Each one had a different character portrayed- Ambrose Xu plays as the main lead who is adopted into a family that he has no relations to and the childhood friend of Angela Zhang. Wallace Huo is quite "antagonistic" in many ways and honestly, I remembered my severe misadventure with that friend of mine over a girl who looks like a rat.

There is always MUCH emotional punch between the two characters and the whole irritating part for me is that WHY does the character of Wallace Huo hit me so much? Ah maybe it's because I have that really BAD temper which Ambrose Xu doesn't have which reminds me of my friend who looks like him.

I remembered the times when I cheered so much to dance whenever Wallace Huo's character got the votes. But the ending is SO DISAPPOINTING. I felt like as if I died when it happened. But then again, I think he should have just reconciled with his ex.


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