Common Stereotypes in Oriental Soap Operas

Here are some common stereotypes usually viewed in Chinese, Japanese and Korean drama:

A couple you don't expect to be together and the social class gaps.

There are plenty of tears in drama.

The suffering heroine is very common indeed.

There are also previous relationships that happen too.

There are sad relationships between the opposite sex.

There are damsels in distress.

Rainy scenarios are taken to express sorrowful romance.

In some of them, a marriage gone bad.

Violence and threatening are common too.

The wicked woman to ruin the scene. Most of them usually played by the women who played suffering heroines in the past. They are usually portrayed as the monster mother, the monster-in-law and the stereotypical wicked stepmother.

And lastly, many do focus on tragic deaths usually by disease. Most of them cause the lovers not to be together in the end. Some of them do spend a short married life together also.  Sadly it's usually the heroine that suffers.


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