Return of Condor Heroes 1983, 1995 and 2006

So far I'd like to make a little comparison between Return of Condor Heroes comparison on how each one performed as far as I remembered.  Below are how each actor portrayed them:

In 1983, we had Andy Lau and Idy Chan as Yang Guo and Xiao Lung Nu. Andy Lau was kind of classic and so was Idy Chan. The script kind of didn't match their actual ages, at least Andy Lau was a bit older than Idy Chan even if the story says that Xiao Long Nu is older than Yang Guo by four years. Andy Lau did really classic moves that became hard to imitate.

In 1995, we had Louis Koo and Carman Lee, this time Carman Lee is really three years older than Louis Koo though the actual script has it that Xiao Long Nu was older by four years. It was a good effort to try and remake the classic but I don't think Louis Koo can ever exceed Andy Lau. However it was still good.

In 2006, we have Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yi Fei but fans criticized this for one good reason- Liu Yi Fei is ten years younger than Huang Xiao Ming but the script has her four years older than he is! Although it was well-acted and I'm a fan of Liu Yi Fei since I saw Chinese Paladin, well I have to laugh at this as a mistake. Huang Xiao Ming looks very young that I never thought he was already 30 or more!


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